Top 4 Best Hosting for WordPress 2020

In 2016, the Competition among Hosting companies has gone to another level, means high number of hosting packages are available at cheap rates. So, for a normal guy looking it purchase hosting, specially for WordPress Sites, it really becomes a headache to choose the best web hosting company from lots of options available.

And most of the times, you choose wrong WordPress Hosting.

So, to cope up with this situation, here is the quick comparison of top 4 web hosting companies that provide suitable packages for WordPress Sites.


4 Best WordPress Web Hosting Companies 2017

PACKAGE NAMEStarter packageShared hostingHatchling planStartup
Price (12 month)$4.95$9.95$7.16$3.95 (first year)
Price (36 month)$3.49$7.95$4.86$3.95
Addon Domains allowed
Disk Space100GBUnlimitedUnlimited10GB
BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited10,000 visits per month
Free domains1101
Average Loading Time
Discount:Get DiscountGet DiscountGet DiscountGet Discount

Now, many people will go with Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth, but actually, it is not a wise decision to take, because we are talking about WordPress Hosting here.

Instead, you should take a look of the overall features of the web hosting and then, make your choice.

Now, in this comparison table, you can see, Dreamhost and Hostgator provides unlimited disk space and Bandwidth, but on the other side, their average loading speed is on higher side, whereas SiteGround has the lowest average loading time, which makes the front-runner in the race of WordPress hosting, as in most cases, you don’t host big sites, majority times, people go with micro niche sites and SiteGround will be the best choice.

And also, we selected Startup Plan of SiteGround, which is preferred choice of newbies. So, if you have a big WordPress site, then you can choose their bigger hosting packages which will offer higher amount of resources along with unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space.

So, according to me, your preference should be like this:-

  1. SiteGround (Best WordPress Hosting)
  2. Hostgator
  3. Bluehost
  4. Dreamhost

Now, let’s move on and take a brief look on the points, why SiteGround is selected as the best WordPress Hosting, by taking a look on the main features, which are important Hosting for WordPress.

SiteGround – Preferred Web Hosting For WordPress Sites



SiteGround wordpress hostingSiteGround has recently become a reliable Web Host, which provides all the important features in all the hosting packages and the price is well under everyone’s reach. I should say, they kept it way below the price of other companies hosting packages.

Apart from Price and main features of SiteGround, let’s look out two points, which are main for WordPress Hosting.

WordPress Installation

Well, The in-built WordPress installer will help you install WP within seconds of purchasing web hosting.


SiteGround has some high speed servers, They promised their customers to give quality and that’s what they are giving. Most of their present customers are satisfied with the Loading time. So, when it comes to speed, you are in safe hands.

Support System

The Support Staff is highly Intelligent with technical knowledge about WordPress CMS. Also, the support comes in quite a brief manner, along with proper screenshots, if needed.

Hostgator – 2nd Choice as WordPress Web Hosting

HostGator as wordpress web hosting

Hostgator is a very popular name, in web hosting arena and they already have a huge bunch of active customers. But we are to talk about their Hosting for WordPress sites and I can say, they offer a lot of services, which are offered by SiteGround too, but at a higher price.

WordPress Installation

It takes just a few clicks to install WordPress with In-built installer.


The server speed with lower hosting packages can be on lower side too. You Sites might take up some time to load with average loading time tested by us, is above 1 second, which is almost double, the loading time of SiteGround Servers.

Support Quality

The Support staff is as always good, but the only thing which I should point out is, the Wait time (the time they take to response to your query, either by Mail or by Live Chat), which can go up, sometimes, although not always, but most of the cases, you will face this issue with Hostgator Support.

Bluehost – 3rd choice as WordPress Hosting


Bluehost is quite decent with their hosting features and the price, but still, I would recommend Hostgator and SiteGround, before recommending Bluehost to anyone, who is looking to host WordPress site.

WordPress Installation

Again, it is quite averagely easy to install WordPress, with the built-in feature provided. Although, Newbies might face some confusion issues, but not too big.


The Speed is Bluehost servers is quite same as Hostgator, but still not good as compared to SiteGround as you can see in the comparison table given above.

Support Service

Bluehost offers a quite fast, highly professional Support system, which solves your query within minutes. The support via chat and Email is quite good.

Dreamhost – The last choice as Web Host for WordPress


Overall, Dreamhost is considered as a solid web host, which provides decent services and their loading speed also stay’s very consistent, but as compared to SiteGround, they are still not our preferred host, when it come sot WordPress Web Hosting. They might come as 1st choice, only in case, you want to host really big WordPress site, which attracts high number of visitors.

WordPress Installation

It would take a few seconds for you to install WordPress on Dreamhost Hosting with the built-in feature available.


As I have already mentioned in the previous paragraph, that Dreamhost Loading speed is quite consistent, but still not as good as SiteGround.

Customer Support

The support is quite good as it is easy to reach their staff and get the problem sorted out within few minutes.

Final Verdict

So, that’s it. The Result is here. If you are looking to host a WordPress site, then I would highly prefer you SiteGround Web Hosting as it comes in a very decent price and the features are commendable with high loading speed.

So, go for it. And in case, you still have some kind of confusion in your mind, then feel free to reach me, via comment section, with your query.

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  1. Hi John,
    In my experience Bluehost is the one of best wordpress hosting, See if you have issue they act to support very fast thats the way why i like Bluehost. Excellent Support!

    I will not tried yet Siteground hosting but after seen this post i would like try Siteground hosting.


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