Digital Ocean Coupon & Promo Code 2020

Digital Ocean, these days considered one of the best Hosting providers, because of its high-quality features at a very cheap price. Moreover, you can get the Free credit By using these Digital Ocean Coupons & Promo Code and save even more money for this top-quality hosting. So, without wasting too much time, let’s take a look at the Digital Ocean Promo and Coupon Codes. Below is the paragraph containing a button to activate the free coupon code.

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Activate Digital Ocean Coupon & Promo Code 2020

Special Note:- The Promo Code will be activated, once you click on the button and then, create an account on Digital Ocean. Remember, you can only get this discount once, per account, if you have used this in the past, then you cannot avail this offers with the same account.

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Note:- Get Free $50 Credit in your Account, with this coupon.

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How to Get Started and Use Digital Ocean Promo Code?

1. Open and Sign up with your Unique Email and Password.


2. Now, you will require to perform a verification step, by clicking on the verification link sent to your email address, which you provided while sign up.

After Verification, Just click on Get Started in the “Update Billing” Section.


3. Now, you will need to add your Credit Card or Make a one-time payment via PayPal (Just $5).

Note:- Here, you will not require to add any coupon or promo code, because once, you click on the button given above, you will automatically get $10 in your account, so you will only require to add $5 and then, you will be able to use a total of $15.


Suppose you Buy 1 Month VPS with $5, then you will get 2 more Months free with the usage of a $10 Free Credit Coupon or Promo Code. It means you are getting 3 Months of VPS for Just $5. Isn’t it Cool? Yeah! It is cool. So, why you are waiting? Avail this Free Credit Now!.

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Digital Ocean Review 2020

DO relatively new as compared to other hosting companies, but it is one of the best in this business. It can host small to large websites easily with amazing hardware features at very affordable prices. Actually, the prices are way below your expectation. So, if you are looking for some cloud hosting, but were not able to buy due to Money Issues, then your problem is solved as Digital ocean’s Plans start from $5 per Month. Want to know more? Let’s review all features of DO.

Rating Checklist

  • Features – 10/10
  • Uptime – 10/10
  • Reliability – 10/10
  • Support – 9/10
  • User Friendly – 9/10
  • Plans and Pricing – 10/10


When it comes to features, Digital Ocean is best as their hardware quality is amazing. The Good thing is, they let you know about their hardware details. They use the best technology. There are some of their hardware details: Kernel-based Virtual Machines, Hex Core racks, RAID SSD,

  • Disk Space:- The Disk Space starts from 20GB with the starting plan and goes up to 640 GB in the top plan, which is a big amount.
  • Bandwidth:- With the beginning Plan, you will get 1TB Bandwidth ad with the top package, you will get 9TB Bandwidth. In case you bought the smaller plan, but need more bandwidth, it will just cost you around $0.02 for every next GB.
  • RAM:- The Random access Memory starts from 512 RAM with a $5 Plan and goes up to 64GB which is a staggering number.
  • OS (Operating System):- They use, reliable and secure Linux Distributions Like Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and CentOS.

Plans and Pricing

Pricing has always been a problem for people working online, But with DO, all your problems will be solved as their first plan starts just from $5 per month with quality features. But the good thing is, they offer two systems: Monthly and Hourly. It means you will be only billed Monthly if you use DO for over a Month (28 Days), if you use DO less than this period, then you will be billed Hourly, which is a great concept.

Now, when it comes to Plans, below is the screenshot of packages provided by Digital Ocean.

Digital Ocean Plans

So, What you are waiting for? Use any of the Digital Ocean Coupon Code Given at the beginning of this post and get Free Credit.

Advantages of Digital Ocean:-

  • Affordable Plans for all types of Customers. They have built Plans keeping your Need in mind. So, no matter you are a newbie or a Pro, you will get your desired package on DO.
  • Fast, Secure Servers.
  • Fast SSD Hard Drive.
  • Awesome Support Staff.
  • You can get credit up to $50 Free using the Digital Ocean promo Code, which is updated every month.

That’s it from My side!

So, My job is finished which was to provide an honest review as well as Promo Coupon Codes, which I did. Now, It’s Up to you, whether you want to buy a plan from Digital Ocean or Not. Although I don’t see a reason, behind, you rejecting the DO. There is no point in doing this. I highly recommend you to go to DO, especially if you are expecting high traffic.

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If you have any questions, don’t feel shy to ask via comments.

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