Long Tail Pro Review + 50% Discount {The Best Keyword Research Tool}

Keywords serve as connectors between the targeting companies and the prospects when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Users basically make use of phrases or words while looking for a specific product or service. If your site has been optimized appropriately, then your web pages would show up in the search results when a prospect is looking for the service or product that you have to offer.

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The first step in SEO is to have a clear understanding of the keywords which would be relevant for your website. There are several businesses that do not delve deeper when it comes to identifying the keywords relevant to them and this is when they fail to create the impact that they desire. Not thinking broadly, choosing keywords that do not matter, and being unaware of the popular SEO tools are the mistakes that several businesses make.

It is vital to remember that search engines work for the benefit of the users and not for the website owners. This demands for a content that is relevant as well as compelling in order to deliver the traffic that is being sought. The classic SEO approach is no longer applicable when it comes to targeting the best keyword phrases based on popularity and relevance. This is when you can consider opting for popular tools such as Long Tail Pro to assist you in simplifying the process of figuring out the keywords that can yield the results that you are seeking.


What is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is the ultimate solution that can equip businesses trying to implement SEO in an effective manner. This tool was developed by Spencer Haws and promises to be effective in what it claims it does. The tool fetches the data from Google for retrieving the keywords. It then makes use of an algorithm for assigning values to the data. This is done so that the information can be analyzed easily for determining the ease of ranking. It is much more effective than the Google Keyword Planner as it provides valuable information to the users that the Planner fails to provide.


The users of Long Tail Pro can generate thousands of unique powerful keywords in a matter of minutes. All the users need to do is input a single or multiple root keywords. This powerful tool was developed when the makers realized that people in the industry were just spending countless hours figuring out the low competition keywords.

It does not really matter whether you are just trying to market your ideas or are building an affiliate site. Without selecting good keywords, the foundation of your SEO strategy is going to remain weak. Choosing just the appropriate keywords can make a massive difference between stagnation and traffic growth.

Long Tail Pro is a powerful tool that helps the users generate over 800 keywords by employing the data offered by the Google Keyword Planner tool. The developers have about 5 experience in the field of Internet Marketing and developing websites. They utilized dozens of keyword tools during the process and got frustrating with not getting the desired results. The passion for developing niche websites propelling the developers in creating Long Tail Pro that just offers what is important for any website.

Long Tail Pro has been designed based on the understanding of the industry. The developers are working continuously to enhance their offerings and make Long Tail Pro one of the best keyword tools available in the market today. A look into the features offered by this powerful tool will make you believe why it is one of the best that you can utilize today.

Key Features

Although there are several keyword tools available in the market today, Long Tail Pro is unique in its own way. It is not just any other copy of a poorly built keyword tool. It has been designed based on years of experience and offers just what the user is looking for. Here are the unique features that make LongTail Pro one of the best keyword tools on the market.

  1. Keyword Scoring

Are you tired of differentiating between the keywords that are unique from those that are immensely popular? If yes, then LongTail Pro offers you a proprietary keyword competitiveness score to let you determine the difficulty of ranking different keywords that appear in the Top 10 Google results. Long Tail Pro users can make use of the Keyword Competitiveness metric for calculating a score based on a proprietary LTP algorithm which is regularly tweaked and tested. The score provides a number which makes it easier for the users to understand the keywords that they need to give importance to which implementing SEO.

  1. Determine the level of keyword difficulty

The users can add their domains to a project for discovering the difficulty level of the keyword that they need to target in order to obtain the desired results.

  1. Metrics Determination

This is an incredible feature offered by LongTail Pro. It helps the users in viewing the metrics that help in identifying the page strength, domain strength, indexed URLs, site age, number of links, referring domains to a page, and a lot more.

  1. Keyword Profitability Estimation

This is a feature that every SEO expert looks for in any keyword tool. LongTail Pro offers a Rank Value feature for determining the profitability of a keyword-based on whether you are selling your own product, running an Amazon site, or are building an Adsense site.

  1. Sorting & Tracking

The users can easily sort niches based on the sets of keywords. They can mark their favorites within the project so that they can revisit them and work with them later.

  1. Exporting Results

LongTail Pro permits the users to export a list of keywords in addition to keywords metrics data, top 10 Google results and competition data.

  1. Real-time Filtering

The users can filter the results based on the competitiveness of the keyword, a number of keywords, advertiser competition, local searches, and based on CPC.

  1. Adwords Data

All the users need to do is input a list of keywords using this tool for obtaining information about global and local monthly searches, CPC, and competition associated with the use of a particular keyword.

How to get Maximum Long Tail Pro Discount?

The Long Tail Pro has a different discount available at different times, but via the button given below, you will always be able to grab the maximum discount.

Step 1:- Click on the button to activate the discount or “click here“.

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Step 2:- Navigate through to the “Pricing” section or hit “START TRIAL” Button & checkout Annual Plans.

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Now, you need to check all of their plans and decide which one suits your needs. You can even check Monthly plans, but you won’t be able to get a bid discount, so we will always advise you to go for Annual Plans as this tool is worth it & also you will get a discount of up to 50%.

Step 3:- Once you finalize which Annual Plan you want, click on “Start Your Free Trial Now” & follow the instructions given on screen.

That’s it. You have successfully availing the Long Tail Pro discount & you now have a free trial, which you can cancel anytime if you feel this tool is not worth your money, so it’s always safe to go with Long Tail pro annual plans.

Who can go for Long Tail Pro?

Do you wonder whether Long Tail Pro be the most appropriate solution for your SEO requirements? This tool is ideal for those who are looking to drive traffic towards their website and want to obtain better Search Engine rankings. Long Tail Pro is ideal for bloggers, offline businesses, product creators, Content Marketers, Content Creators, Affiliate Marketers, and Internet Marketers.

You just cannot imagine spending hours figuring out keywords based on traditional methods. This is the time to opt for expert help which is offered by a professional tool such as Long Tail Pro. This tool helps the users in finding easy keywords, scope out the competition, obtain in-depth domain and page-level metrics, sort, and export results.

Pricing & Plans: Monthly & Annual

Monthly and Annual plans are offered to those who wish to use Long Tail Pro. The monthly/annual plan has been categorized into three variants:

  • Monthly/Annual Starter Plan

This plan offers the users 10,000 keyword searches per month. The users can make use of the Keyword Competitiveness Score and Competitor Analysis feature. They can make use of the New Rank Value feature as well as determine keyword profitability under this starter plan. The users can get custom keyword difficulty recommendation for their domain. Free access is offered to Long Tail Bootcamp. The Monthly Starter plan is priced at $37 per month. The users can choose to opt for the Annual Plan and save up to 33%. The Annual Starter Plan costs $25 per month. A free trial is offered to those interested in this plan.

  • Monthly/Annual Pro Plan

The Pro Plan permits the users to make 25,000 keyword searches in a month. The users can utilize the Keyword Competitiveness Score and Competitor Analysis feature. They can determine Keyword profitability as well as get custom keyword difficult recommendations for their domain. New Rank Value Feature can as well be utilized by the users under this plan. Free access is offered to Long Tail Bootcamp to Monthly Pro Plan users. The Monthly Pro Plan is priced at $67 per month whereas the Annual Pro Plan is priced at $45 per month. A free trial is offered to the users interested in the Monthly or Annual Pro Plan.

  • Monthly/Annual Agency Plan

60,000 keyword searches are offered to the players under the Agency plan. This plan permits the users to make use of keyword competitiveness scores and competitor analysis features. The users can utilize the New Rank Value feature under this plan. They can determine keyword profitability to test whether they would be profitable in drawing traffic towards their website or provide them better search engine rankings. The users can identify custom keyword difficulty recommendations for their domain. They are offered free access to Long Tail Bootcamp. Although no free trial is offered, the interested users can book for a free demo of this product which is priced at $147 per month under the monthly plan and $98 per month under the annual plan.

How to use Long Tail Pro?

Here are the simple steps that need to be followed by the users while using Long Tail Pro for finding the most appropriate keywords for their website.

  1. Register with Long Tail Pro

Those interested in using Long Tail Pro can start a trial for just $1. The users need to register with the website for obtaining their login credentials. They can then login to the website for trying the plan they are interested in.

  1. Addition of the first project and domain

The users then need to add their domain to the Long Tail Pro tool in order to receive custom keyword recommendations based on the domain strength.

  1. Using manual entry and the addition of keywords

The users need to seed keywords for generating keyword suggestions. This can be done by following the video tutorial provided on the website. The users can also learn how to enter the keywords manually if they already have a list of keywords that they procured from another source such as Ubersuggest.

  1. Analysis of the competition

The users can carry out an in-depth analysis of the competition once they have obtained their keyword suggestions. The users can click on the keyword which will direct them to a page that lists the top 10 results for a particular keyword. A video demonstration of this step has been provided on the official website of the product.

  1. Determination of keyword profitability using Rank Value Feature

It is essential to estimate the profitability of a particular keyword. This can be done using the Rank Value feature offered by the tool. This step leaves a user with adequate information to utilize the most appropriate keyword for their domain.

Customer support

Before purchasing any software or tool, the users need to look into the customer service offered by the developers. If a product is not backed by a reliable customer support team, then there is no point in purchasing the product or service as there would be no one to resolve the queries that arise while using it. Luckily, Long Tail Pro has taken all possible measures in ensuring that the customers are offered support at all times. The users can make use of the FAQ section, read advice on using Long Tail Pro or check out the solutions to common problems offered on the website. They can as well utilize video tutorials for understanding the basic problems that they are facing. Those who still have a request or a question can contact the support team via chat or email. The users can email their queries to [email protected] or can send a message in the chat box provided on the bottom right corner of the support page. A Live Chat feature is not offered to the users. Email details have to be furnished by the users in order to receive a response from the support team. The team resolves the queries within 24 hours of a working week. The support hours are limited during the weekends.

Get keywords with Long Tail Pro


  • Ease of usage

Keyword research is a time-consuming process as well as daunting. However, Long Tail Pro is a straightforward tool that simplifies the task of performing a keyword search for a domain. The users can easily toggle between the settings page and the results for optimizing the search process.

  • The wealth of instructional videos

What is best about the Long Tail Pro tool is that the users are offered instructional videos so that they can follow them and implement all the necessary strategies for obtaining the best keywords for their domain. This renders the entire process simple for the users of Long Tail Pro.

  • Interlocking Modules

Long Tail Pro is a combination of interlocking modules: Rank Checker Module, Competitor Analysis Module, and Keyword Research Module. These modules work in unison to offer the most accurate keyword research result to the users thereby permitting them to have the most profitable keywords for their domain. The users can analyze the competition that exists in the field for a particular keyword under consideration.

  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Long Tail Pro comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This implies that the users will be offered a full refund if they choose not to continue with the product within 60 days. This offers an added peace of mind to the users and makes the purchase completely risk-free.


  • Results consume a little time before showing up

The only drawback of using Long Tail Pro is that unlike other keyword research tools, this tool consumers some time in extracting the keywords. This is one aspect that the makers need to improvise.

  • System Requirements

The users of Long Tail Pro need to face a minor hurdle pertaining to the download and installation of the software for their PC. Many users face compatibility issues while doing so. This can infuriate the users who lack the necessary software or components for running the tool on which they spent a considerable amount of money. A Google Adwords account and the latest version of Adobe AIR are needed for the users to start using this tool.

  • Limited Support

Long Tail Pro support team can be contacted either via email or through a chat feature. No other options are offered to the users. Moreover, limited support is offered during the weekends which can leave a user struck for a long time.


Long Tail Pro certainly is a useful tool that has the capability to help them land a top spot in search engine rankings. The tool is easy to use and quick. This is a desirable tool when looking for the most effective tool for targeting keywords for a particular domain. This tool offers competitor analysis and does rank check as well.

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This feature-rich tool is ideal for both experts in the field as well as for beginners. The pricing structure is decent and moreover, the product is backed by a money-back guarantee. This makes Long Tail Pro pretty reliable and worth giving a try. So avail the Longtailpro discount via the button given above, you can even activate trail.


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