Best Premium Keyword Research Tools for SEO (Huge Discount & Bonus Available)

Just few days ago after sharing many guide and helpful tools for bloggers and internet marketers , people started asking me for few top most popular and useful premium keyword research tools which might be helpful in SEO and internet marketing because of spying competitor through these tools.

Finding the best keyword for your site is not easy , because we all are newbie in the comparatively to expert those are in field from 10 or more years . Keyword is very helpful to know the market and current trend of public . this is very helpful for SEO expert and internet marketer both because both need to understand the market trend by these keyword tools means what people are searching to relate product or query . In this sense we are a quality and top selected keyword planner tools in other sense we can say SEO helpful tools for us.


Popular Paid (Premium) Keyword Research Tools :

SEMRush –


SEMRush is one of the most popular keyword research tool on internet , every internet marketer and SEO expert love to use it and mostly all will suggest you to make use of it. It provides you better result to spy your competitor’s keyword and more like ..

    • Which keyword your competitor is targeting
    • On which keyword they are ranking well
    • How much they are spending on Google Adwords
    • and specially great way to selection of keywords
    • Better competitor analysis inbuilt in this tool

These are popular and important uses of SEMRUSH seo tool but these all below given tools are also playing major role in ranking factor and Research of keyword with marketing strategy . in other ways you can see review of SEMRUSH on youtube or when you will see any roundup article on internet for selecting better keyword research or SEO based helpful tool then everyone will suggest you to must go with SEMRUSH that’s why this is rocking in this field and ruling on heart of Internet marketer .

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Keyword Canine –

Keyword canine is another awesome Tool for Keyword research and something more extra-ordinary tool for your best SEO service . so now have recently launched it’s new version Keyword Canine 3.0 that is really awesome and power tool for you.


You can also check : Keyword Canine 3.0 Genuine Review

This is online computer based tool you don’t need to download anything else on your PC just visit official site and login your dashboard it will be there everything is mentioned in review which i suggested for you .

Top Features of Keyword Canine 3.0 :

  • Best tool To find Top 10 Keywords of any particular Niche easily.
  • To find a new niche and get details about Traffic & Competition of that Niche.
  • Get Niche Traffic + Competition Data from a large base of countries, including US, UK, Germany & France.
  • Get CPC of Large base of Keywords.
  • Find best Niche by using Search Volume, CPC & Difficulty Filter.
  • A full-on Keyword Research Tool
  • Get detailed Backlinks Report of your Competitors.
  • Spy your Competitors Keywords.
  • Track Social Signals, Link Counts and Anchor Text .

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Longtail Pro –

This is an secret weapon of Many internet marketers because it provide many things apart from long tail keyword . because here you can also check competition for ranking on search engine and also you can call it an extra-ordinary and a must have tool.


It’s one of the Fastest keyword research tool by which you can get 800+ result within seconds . As per the demand of market Longtail is better than other because basically mostly people use targeting Longtail keyword first then after main keyword for better and genuine SEO ranking factor . in this case this is only paid tool which can you to provide these all result with good suggestions and etc.

Features of Longtail Pro :

  • Multiple seed Keywords at once
  • Pre-Filtered Keyword
  • Real time Filter
  • more than 800 keywords within seconds
  • Unlimited Keyword searches
  • Competitor Analysis
  • and much more

Market Samurai –


This is another superb tool for SEO and in other words you can say advanced complete package of SEO tools in just a software based tool Market Samurai but this is paid tool as we already told you we are only sharing best and must have tool for your Search engine optimization . actually many tutorial already available on Internet to learn Search engine ranking factors and how to use tools but my suggestion is do with yourself because by doing it you will learn from your self means learning from practise . SO Market Samurai is another best Keyword analysis tool for best Research and becoming better internet marketer using these paid tools.

In market Samurai you will lot of things which never provided in any other tool like Moz or else like DA , PA , Pagerank of each page and which kind of content is viral and on which keyword they are ranking i mean your competitor so everything which a newbie and expert need to become a better marketer everything is inbuilt in this tool for you . It can also provide you an Prediction of ranking and traffic .. means suppose you are doing keyword research and then after selected few from them then after this tool will product you in how much days you can get how much traffic and on which position you deserve how much visits on your landing page.

  • Market Samurai Dojo – this is an important and helpful part of this tool because they have already training videos for tool users from there a newbie can learn mostly all parts and important roles of this tool to properly do marketing and keyword analysis for your business .

Basically Price of Market Samurai tool (Full Version) is $149 but we can provide you with discount in just $97 if you are interested then directly contact us or go with our provided discount link already included Coupon code on this awesome tool.

SEO Powersuite:-

SEO Powersuite is really a great Premium SEO tool, with it you can do multiple tasks like keyword research, rank tracking, website auditing and much more.

The best thing about it is, I makes link building campaigns easy. You can easily build links with the help of this tools. You can send email outreach to the people and ask for the link If you can provide the awesome content.

Why Keyword Research play Major role in SEO ?

Basically If you are new in Internet Marketing field or SEO field then you must need to understand the importance of Keyword Research because it’s most important for ranking any page or website on search engine to drive traffic and customers for your product.

Suppose if you started selling any product like Selling hosting through your website then how you gain clint ? that time people use these kind of Keyword research tool because on the basis of Daily and monthly searches from search engine they provide us report and an idea means what kind of keywords we need to use then how to rank on them to drive traffic + getting clint for business .

Watch this Video for Understand better about Keyword Research and it’s importance –

SO i hope on this today’s session we shared this awesome collection of Premium Keyword Research tool to understand properly and becoming better in SEO and Marketing i hope you will like this short review and product which we selected for you because for personal use many famous internet marketer like Neil Patel and Brian of Backlinko all are using these tools and now they are famous internet marketing King .

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