Pressable Coupon Code 2020 : 60% Discount


Do you know that…

… Few days ago, one of my friend was worrying so much about his WordPress website.

He was looking very much concerned about his website traffic because the traffic on his website is growing day by day but his hosting wasn’t able to handle such high traffic.

When he told me everything then I found  a solution for him. 😀

Having a website with high traffic is really a great thing, you can convert your visitors accordingly. But you must need a reliable web host which can handle that high traffic.

If your web host isn’t able to handle your website traffic then you and your online business is in trouble.

I suggested my friend to purchase Pressable web hosting and now his website is working fine and handling traffic easily. He did used below Pressable Coupon Code and saved his money while purchasing hosting account from Pressable.

Steps to Apply Pressable Coupon Code 2020

Step-1: Click on the below button.

Step-2: After clicking on the above button, you will land on Pressable website where you have to select your plan.

Step-3: Select your hosting plan and then click on ” Sign Up ” button.

Step-4: Fill your basic information like Name, Email, Password and then fill your billing information and payment information to complete your order.

Step-5: Complete the payment process and your are Done. 😀

Note: Your discount will get added automatically in your plan at the time of checkout.

Pressable Hosting Plans

  • 1-5 Sites with 15,000 Shared Pageviews at $20.83/Month
  • 10 Sites with 50,000 Shared Pageviews at $37.50/Month ( Most Popular )
  • 20 Sites with 100,000 Shared Pageviews at $75.00/Month
  • VIP Plan ( 1 Site ) with 1 million + Pageviews at $750/Month
  • Private Cloud ( Unlimited Sites ) at $3500/Month

Why You Should Choose Pressable?

I know that you must want to purchase a web hosting plan. But still you are bit confused.

You are confused because you might thinking that whether you should choose Pressable or not. Right?

So Here I’ll help you to take the right decision so that you can grow your online business. 😀

Let’s have a look on it.

About Pressable

Pressable is a WordPress Hosting company which was founded in May, 2010 by Vid Luther at San Antonio, Texas.

When Vid realized that people are getting frustrated while configuring servers and other technologies to work with WordPress.

Then he decided to set out to create a scalable and secured WordPress hosting platform so that users can trust them while delivering their online experiences.

You can learn more about Pressable here.

FREE Premium CDN

You may definitely know that..

… Google clearly stated that faster sites tend to rank higher in search engines. If your website will be loading fast then Google will rank your websites higher in their search results.

At Pressable, You will also get FREE Premium CDN which will make your site faster and better.

CDN stands for content delivery network, a system of distributed servers which delivers web pages and other web content to the users based on their geographic location.

Content Delivery Network is the best option to increase the loading speed of your website and It also improve users experience at your website.

What about Speed?

Do you ever wonder?

That why bloggers or webmasters always prefer fast websites?

You would say that fast websites rank well in search engines.

That’s true But there are still so many other reasons except search engine rankings.

Suppose your website is selling Guitars. A user searched in Google ” Buy Guitars Online ” and Google gave so many results to that user.

From those results, that user clicked on 2 websites. 1st one is yours and 2nd one is some other guitar selling website.

At that time, If your website will take too much time to load than 2nd website then It may irritate that user and the user will also love to purchase guitar from 2nd website because your website is loading too slow than 2nd website.

In this way, you may lose so many sales and customers trust too.

At Pressable, they’ve partnered with Google PageSpeed which will help to deliver blazing fast websites.

You would never need to worry about your website speed because they will take care of all the things for you. 😀

Responsive WordPress Experts Support Team

Pressable support team is rated #1 in customer satisfaction.

Making customer satisfied is their 1st priority.

They are always ready to help you whether It is night or day. You can contact them 24/7/365 to get instant help.

Whenever you face any critical issue in your website, just contact them and your issue will get solved immediately. 😀

Nightly Backups & Automatic Updates

I know that,

You work so hard to build high quality and in-depth content for your website.

Without content, your website is nothing.

So Pressable will always take care of your website content so that you would never face any bad time.

Pressable will automatically backs up your site every night at no additional cost.

This will make your website more secured. 😀

Also they will handle all your automatic WordPress updates and other security updates in your website.

15 Days FREE Trial

In the above part of this article, I have covered so many things about Pressable. If you have still doubt on Pressable then you also have a great option.

Why don’t you use their 15 days FREE trial?

Yes, You heard it right. 😀

Pressable allow their customers to try their services at FREE of cost for 15 days so that you can take the right decision.

I don’t think that using Pressable for 15 days FREE would have any problem. It will help you to test all their features so that you can decide easily whether Pressable are completely able to handle your website or not. Right? 😀

You can also use Pressable Promo Code to get some discount while purchasing any hosting plan at Pressable.

It would be a complete WIN WIN Deal for you. 😀


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