Semrush Review 2021: Is it Worth the Money?

SEMrush Free Trial Review

One of the top names in the SEO research tool category is Semrush. It is used by experts worldwide and has some of the best features to offer to its users. Bringing traffic and visibility to one’s website is challenging in today’s time when the competition is just over the top. However, Semrush is the solution. This one tool makes it easy to optimize a website at an affordable price.

SEMrush is undoubtedly famous and has over 6 million users as per their website. So, what makes this tool such a hit. Let’s find out in this review. We will be discussing every little and big feature along with its pricing and affordability and see if the brand does live up to the hype.


Semrush: An Overview

Before we dive into what Semrush has to offer, let’s know a little about the website. SEMrush was founded in 2008 by a small group of SEO and IT specialists and has now grown into one of the leading competitive research services for web marketing. They started by introducing two tools, but the number has now grown over 60.

In short, Semrush can be described as a marketing tool that helps companies market themselves better. It is perfect for businesses and individuals looking to increase and optimize their website visibility online and create content that drives the most traffic.  They have one of the most extensive keyword databases compared to any other tools, and their backlink database is also pretty impressive. They offer SEO, advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, and competitive research toolkits. 

In comparison to its competitors, Semrush has the most features and is extremely easy to use. The website’s interface is simple, and every tool is placed on the left side of the page neatly. The tools are grouped into categories, including SEO, Content, Market Research, Advertising, and SMM & SERM. This classification makes it easier for the users to look for the tools. 

One setback that beginners can face with the data analysis feature of the website is the overwhelming amount of data available. It can be challenging to understand, but if you check out the guides they have provided on the website, it will get easier. Most of their data is provided in visual formats such as metrics and graphs making it easier to understand. 

The Semrush website can be used both on desktops and mobile devices. However, using it on mobile devices is not very useful since you will end up on the desktop website. The fonts will be smaller, making it difficult to understand anything. However, a mobile app for Semrush has a better interface to use on small screen devices. 

SEMrush review and awards

What Services Do They Offer?

Semrush has over 60 tools that have been divided into categories as per their use and functionality. These include: 

  1. SEO Tools such as keyword research, on-page SEO, local SEO, rank tracking, link building, and competitor SEO analysis.
  2. Content Tools such as content marketing, content creation and distribution, content optimization, and content marketing analytics.
  3. Market Research Tools such as competitor analysis, market analysis, paid advertising, and competitor pr monitoring.
  4. Advertising Tools such as PPC keyword research and web monetization
  5. SMM & SERM Tools such as social media posters and social media ads tools.

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What Are The Functions of Semrush?

One advantage of using Semrush is that you will not run out of features. They have so much to offer that listing and explaining everything in one article will be difficult. Hence here is a list of some of their most impressive features.

Domain Analysis

Domain analysis is understanding where your website currently stands in comparison to its competitors. The domain analysis at Semrush is one of its best features. An organic research tool lets you compare your domain with the competitors instantly on the Google search engine. Analyzing one’s domain helps in knowing what works and what needs to be changed.

Backlink Analysis

Semrush has one of the biggest backlink databases, and hence you will get an accurate estimate of how many people are linked to your site’s content. This is again a good tool for analyzing your website. 

Keyword Analysis

Unlike any other SEO toolkit available online, Semrush has a Keyword Magic Tool where the users can research the keywords from a vast database and find information such as longtail keyword ranking, average keyword search per month, trends, competition, and much more. 

Marketing and Advertisement

The marketing tools offered by Semrush are also impressive. You will be able to get detailed market insights in the form of tables and graphs. There is a traffic analytics tool that can give you a clear insight into the number of visits, attracting the audience, bounce rate, demographic of the customers, and much more. Also, you can compare this data with your competitors instantly side by side.

Advertisement tools are also handy. The website monetization tools let you gain profits from advertisements by helping you find the right places to put these advertisements. Their tools allow the users to access the visitors’ demographics, such as their gender, location, and interests. These analytics help you in targeting the right audience through the right platform. 

Competitor Analysis

The last feature that we find impressive at Semrush is its competitor analysis. Here the users can compare their website with the competitors. Not only this, but it also gives recommendations on the best keywords and topics so that you can use opportunities to get ahead of your competition. 

The Pricing and Affordability

The pricing of the Semrush tools pretty competitive. They have three monthly plans for the users that include:

  • Pro: This plan is priced at $119.95 per month and is best for beginners or bloggers who just want to attract traffic to their website. The program offers 40+ advanced tools that let you know your competitor’s traffic sources, analyze the social media results, and build a better strategy to gain traction.
  • Guru: This plan is priced at $229.95 and is perfect for small business owners and marketing agencies growing. The pro plan will have all the features of Pro and some additional services such as historical data and extended limits.
  • Business: The most expensive plan is the business plan priced at $449.95 per month, perfect for bigger firms, e-commerce websites, agencies, and people looking for a significant online presence. Here they offer all the features from the Guru plan along with many other added tools.

For people who do not want to fall into any of these categories, they also have a Customization feature where customers can create their plans with the services they require. There is also a 7-day free trial for each of these plans, which means that the buyers can try out the service before they subscribe. Although the seven-day trial period is a little shorter than some other companies that offer 14-30 days, it is still better than paid trials. 

Another factor about the pricing of the Semrush plan is that there is only one user allowed per plan. If you want to add another user to a plan, you will be charged $45 to $100 extra per addition, depending on the plan. The custom plans will suit companies that have more than one user. 

Customer Support and Consumer Satisfaction

One of the most critical factors that make an SEO tool good is its customer support. You might often need help with the tool; hence having good customer service is a crucial consideration to make. 

Semrush customer support is provided via three methods. There is a chat feature, a phone call option, and an email option. The chat and phone call options are the fastest ways to reach out to the support. It is easy to spot the chat box at the right corner of each page, and the phone number can be found at the bottom of the pages. 

As far as customer satisfaction is considered, Semrush has been rated over four stars in almost all online reviews available. Some customers found the only cons was the complexity of the features, which a little research can quickly solve. 

Pros and Cons of Using Semrush

So why should you opt for Semrush?

  • They have one of the largest keywords as well as backlink databases in the market.
  • They have an all-rounded marketing toolkit with topic search, writing assistant, and much more.
  • Their traffic analytics features are one of the best in the market that provides insight into the demographics of the audience.
  • They have a massive list of tools that are very useful in building a good SEO strategy for all kinds of users.
  • The brand monitoring features are highly detailed.
  • The analysis reports offered by them are easily understandable graphs and visual ways to make it easier for users to understand.
  • They have a handy social media ads tool that tracks the ads and gives recommendations on their correct placements.

What are the things lacking in Semrush?

  • Too many features can sometimes make understanding the tool difficult. This means that the users have to read and research before using the tool.
  • Some of the essential features, such as white label reports, are only available in the higher plans.
  • The one-seat rule where only one person can access an account and an additional charge is applicable for other users can make the toolkit costlier.
  • The 7-days trial period is a little shorter and could be increased.
  • Even though they have a mobile app, they can optimize their mobile website to suit the mobile users.

Final Thoughts

Semrush is one of the most diverse and feature-filled SEO tools available in the market. They cover everything that a company or an individual might need for their website optimization needs. 

The tool kit is straightforward to use, and its easy-to-understand interface makes it even better.  However, the pricing could be a little bit on the steeper side for some individuals. With its most basic plan starting at $99.50, it becomes out of reach for many small bloggers and business owners. However, the price point is undoubtedly justifiable considering the number of features it has to offer.

Semrush is one brand that offers both quality and quantity at the right price. So, if you are looking for a tool that will give you results, Semrush can be your go-to. They have a site monetization feature that will help you make money from the traffic you generate, so we say it is brilliant. It also works as effectively as an entire SEO team, so it is a win-win situation.  

What sets Semrush apart from its competition is its vast selection of tools that target every search engine optimization feature. Their extensive keyword and backlink database are things that you will not find easily. Their customer support is awe-inspiring. They answer instantly and will offer advice and solutions to the users.

Their organic research tool is one of a kind and helps businesses find the minor gaps that the competitors overlooked, and that can be used as an opportunity to rise above them. 

Undoubtedly some things could be improved, such as the fact that only one user can access one account at a time, even for the higher plans, and there is an extra charge for additional users. However, you can always opt for customized programs to get rid of this problem.

So, check out the free trial of Semrush and see if it does help you and your business reach your marketing and SEO goals. 

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