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SEO is a crucial component of website development which encompasses both creative and technical elements for enhancing the search engine rankings, increasing awareness about the service or brand, and to drive traffic towards the website.

It ensures that your site is structured in a manner to appeal to search engines. Implementing SEO strategies is not something that can be accomplished overnight. It requires constant efforts in the form of revision of content, building links, and marketing your services or products.

If you are quite confused about SEO implementation and are not aware of the tactics that you need to employ for accomplishing your goals, then you can make use of simple, powerful SEO tools such as SEO PowerSuite to simplify the entire process.

We decided to review the latest tool SEO PowerSuite which promises to deliver consistent results without much hassle. The review sheds light on the features of the tool, the key offerings, the pricing of editions, the quality of support offered, and a lot more. Go through the review to find out more about this new, promising SEO tool and also get the latest SEO Powersuite discount coupons.


What is SEO PowerSuite?

SEO PowerSuite is a reliable and effective SEO tool that offers every single feature that you need for achieving and maintaining the top rankings during any search.

This simple yet powerful tool offers assistance in keyword research, accurate rank monitoring, content optimization, site audit, profound link analysis, effective link management, in-depth content analysis, optimization for local and international search engines, social media statistics, website traffic monitoring, and a lot more.

This comprehensive PowerSuite comprises of four tools that ensure that all the steps of an SEO campaign are taken care of: Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and Link Assistant.

SEO PowerSuite Package Review

The Rank Tracker is an efficient tool for conducting keyword research and for monitoring the search engine rankings on a periodical basis.

WebSite Auditor takes care of on-page optimization and site auditing tasks.

For the purpose of backlink research, SEO SpyGlass proves to be an efficient tool.

Link building and management can be controlled with the aid of the Link-Assistant tool which is offered with SEO PowerSuite.

These powerful tools ensure that each step of your SEO campaign is dealt with in a careful manner and is executed flawlessly.

This SEO suite can work on any operating system which implies that you do not have to fret about downloading a different version for your Windows OS or on your MacBook. This tool is offered in different interface languages and can optimize the site in any language. There is no limitation on the license offered with this SEO PowerSuite and you can utilize it for free of cost without any limitations.

This software is updated frequently as search engines constantly keep altering their algorithms. This feature makes this software a lucrative deal for small business owners and to all those looking for an ultimate tool to address their SEO concerns.

Key features of SEO PowerSuite

  • One solution for all your SEO requirements

SEO PowerSuite covers all the requirements of an SEO campaign despite the scale. It covers everything from backlinks and rankings. The wealth of features and intuitive UI makes it a perfect tool for both professionals in the field to newbies.

  • Unlimited offerings

SEO PowerSuite offers a wealth of features to track backlinks, figure out keywords, and a lot more in the most basic version itself. It is 3x cheaper in comparison to other SEO tools available in the market and is loaded with numerous useful features.

  • Automated tasks

Once you have installed SEO PowerSuite successfully on your device, you would just have to spend two minutes in automating all your SEO tasks right from tracking ranks, conducting site audits, and checking backlinks. This tool is quite flexible and permits you to schedule tasks based on your choice. You have the option to choose the frequency and need to set the time at which the SEO tasks need to be carried out. The report would be presented to you the moment you wish to take a look at how well you are progressing.

  • SEO reports

All the reports offered by SEO PowerSuite are designed responsively and fully customized. Sharing the files can be done with a click of a button. An automatic report mailer will help you deliver the reports to your clients based on the schedule that you have set either in the form of an attachment or as a direct link.

SEO PowerSuite Editions

SEO PowerSuite is offered in three editions to make it easier for individuals and businesses to choose SEO tools based on their requirements. Currently, the editions offered are FREE, Professional, and Enterprise.

Individuals can opt for the Free version if they are interested in checking their site rankings or want to study SEO factors on their own. The Professional version is suited for small business owners or can be utilized by an in-house SEO specialist who wants to promote the website of the company. The Enterprise edition can be utilized by those who run an internet marketing agency. SEO experts can use the tool efficiently in offering SEO services to their clients. The Professional version is currently priced at $299 and the Enterprise edition can be purchased at $699.

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All SEO Powersuite editions comprise of the following features. The difference lies in the limit imposed or the lack of a particular feature from the free variant. It is quite interesting to note that this tool offers a lot of features in the free edition that are usually absent in other SEO tools available in the market.

  • Local & Global SEO

This feature helps in targeting specific locations and in optimizing the website for keywords no matter what the language is. This tool helps in conducting Search Engine Optimization both locally or globally or both based on the edition that you have purchased. Advanced search settings are offered with the premium versions of this tool.

  • Intense Keyword Research

This SEO tool permits users to find numerous, profitable keywords that would help them with the optimization process.

  • Analysis of the competition

The tool permits the users to figure out the keywords of the competitors, their rankings, content strategy, and backlinks. This tool also helps in useful implementing strategies on your own site.

  • Advanced Rank Tracking

You can easily monitor universal and organic rankings with the aid of this tool in over 300 search engines. You can find landing pages, match keywords, and as well track the progress made by you over time. Isn’t this a fantastic feature?

  • Integration of Analytics and AdWords

If you want to get an idea about your competition, traffic through the backlinks and keywords, then there cannot be any tool better than SEO PowerSuite. It is capable of syncing Google Analytics and AdWords to your SEO PowerSuite tool and help you keep a tab on the bounce rates, page visits, CPC, search volume, or any other vital information that you would need.

  • Technical Site & SEO Audit

SEO PowerSuite helps you to detect all technical issues or any problems pertaining to SEO on your site with much ease. You can now check and fix crawl-ability issues, validation, broken links, and poor direct from your website with the aid of this powerful tool. You can also read tips and vital information about fixing the issues that are not delivering the results that you seek.

  • Social Media Statistics

Social media sites have an important role to play in marketing your brand. If you fail to establish your presence on these sites, then you would miss out on connecting with your potential audience. Social media is shrinking the gap that exists between a producer and a consumer. If you fail to interact with your audience or run campaigns over the channels, then you would be failing in creating a profound impact on your target audience. Social media platforms are one of the easiest tools if you wish to promote your product and service. All successful businesses are aware of the immense potential that social media platforms hold and hence they are ensuring that the power is being leveraged to their advantage. SEO PowerSuite offers information on popularity over social media channels such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and over other networks.

  • HTML and Content Optimization

How would you ever know if all your SEO strategies are offering you the results that you seek? This offering helps you measure the optimization rates for the target keywords on the landing pages. Tips are as well offered on carrying out optimization based on the best practices prevalent in the industry as well as based on the information from the top-ranking competitors.

  • Panda & Penguin Recovery

This feature helps with the detection of duplicate content and helps you figure out how to deal with such content. The users can clearly identify risky backlinks and get in touch with webmasters while using the software to ensure their removal.

  • Sitemap & Robots.txt Generation

SEO Powersuite helps in the generation of robots.txt files and sitemaps. These can be saved on your computer or can be uploaded on your site directly.

  • Audit & Backlink Research

This feature helps in uncovering all the backlinks to any site. This helps in carrying out real-time link checks and as well helps in ensuring the quality of each link. Penalty Risk can be easily estimated with the aid of this feature offered with the PowerSuite.

  • Link Building & Management

This tool helps in building link prospects and helps in reaching out to them with a built-in email client feature. You can easily build and verify links to ensure that they remain in place.

  • Safe Search

You can remain 100# secure while using the advanced safe settings offered by the SEO Powersuite tool such as CAPTCHA recognition, proxy rotation, and Search Engine’s API.

  • 24/7 Support

One of the best things about purchasing SEO Powersuite is despite the version that you opt for, you would have all your queries about the tool resolved in no time. The support team with getting in touch with you with either an email or with the Live Chat feature in order to ensure that you face no hassles during the process.

  • 6 Interface Languages

What’s incredible about the SEO Powersuite tool is that you can install the software in six languages: French, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, German, and English. In addition, you can contact the team to add support for any language other than the above-mentioned languages. This adds gives a massive boost to individuals and firms who want to make use of the tool in any other language apart from English.

Why do you need a Rank Tracker?


It is quite obvious that you need to keep a tab on your search engine rankings in order to determine the success of your SEO campaigns. SEO PowerSuite offers you an advanced Rank Tracker which helps you to continually evaluate the success of your strategies with the aid of this simple yet powerful tool. This tool is quite customizable and helps you to track the position of your website at the global as well as at the local level. You can track your rankings in over 400 search engines and also permits you to check the top 50 search results.

SEO PowerSuite provides you the option to automate the entire process. You can check your rankings once in a week or monitor it thrice in a day as per your requirements. This tool doesn’t disappoint and makes it easier to track the ranks of your competitors as well. Here are some of the key features of the Rank Tracker that you must be aware of.

  • Offers Geo-specific rankings

Do you wish to track the rankings of your website for a particular location which is not the same as yours? SEO Powersuite offers you the appropriate tool which helps in tracking the position of the custom location in an accurate manner based on the city, state, country, or even the street address.

  • Integrated keyword research tool

Rank Tracker has all your favorite keyword research tools integrated into one. Doesn’t this enhance the ease at which you can carry out any task with the aid of this incredible SEO tool? Competition Research and Keyword Discovery, AdWords Keyword Planner, Google Analytics and Search Console, Goole Trends, Autocomplete, and Related Searches can be utilized with the click of a button. These sources, when combined together, can offer you thousands of keywords that you cannot find anywhere else. These tools collectively offer keyword ideas. This tool groups them automatically based on the topic so that you can target and analyze the entire group rather than spending time in going through countless terms one by one.

Keyword research Method
  • A modified approach for keyword analysis

Rank Tracker not just helps you in figuring out thousands of keywords that can prove to be beneficial for your business but can as well help in picking out the best ones. Prioritizing the keywords can be done in no time with the aid of this powerful tool offered by SEO PowerSuite. The tool also helps in estimating the Keyword Difficulty in addition to figuring out the search volume, keyword efficiency, and competition. This complex metric helps in estimating the strengths and weaknesses of your top 10 competitors. Once you have decided the keywords that can prove to be immensely beneficial for your website, you can consider utilizing the Keyword Map module for assigning groups of keywords to land pages easily and quickly.

  • Customized ranking reports

The reports offered by Rank Tracker can be customized to the fullest extent. These can be automatically shared with the clients with just the click of a button. The report can also be uploaded to the cloud in no time. This tool offers numerous ways in which the entire reporting process can be automated. Rank Tracker will build reports for you while in autopilot mode and also work according to the tasks scheduled by you.

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Why do you need a Website Auditor offered by SEO Powersuite?


It is crucial to audit both external and internal sources associated with your website. This can include images, Flash, videos, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and a lot more. This tool as well permits your site to check the robots.txt instructions for any bot that is viewed by the bots of search engines for analyzing your website.

  • Thorough Auditing

Website Auditor will help you figure out any issue on your site which can have a profound impact on your search engine rankings, indexation, or on the users. This feature helps in figuring out duplicate content, broken images, links, internal linking issues, scripts, heavy pages, and a lot more with much ease. The best thing about this tool is that you would be offered a list of pages that are being directly impacted with the errors or bugs and also provides step-by-step instruction on fixing the issues.

Complete site auditing by website auditor
  • Sitemap generator and Robots.txt

This tool helps you to develop robots.txt or XML sitemap at just the click of a button. You do not really have to bother about the complex syntaxes if you are not aware of them. The tool just makes sure that everything is in place. The users can review the files through the app and made amendments to them if needed. You can access the files and make changes to them in almost an instant with the aid of this tool.

  • SEO audit on-page

You can measure the optimization rates for any keyword or page with the aid of the Website Auditor. This can be done on the basis of the top-ranking competitors and also on the basis of the statistics of your pages. The tool also offers advice on page specific and keyword specific optimization. You can also identify the strategies implemented by your competitors in order to know the tactics that help them stand out from the rest.

  • Convenient content optimization

Website Auditor not just analyses your content but also assists you in optimizing your pages within the app. The process is user-friendly and can be accomplished in a step-by-step manner. You can create and edit pages and as well as view the preview snippet to monitor the changes being made.

website auditor content optimization
  • Customized Reports

Just like Rank Tracker, Website Auditor can help you generate customizable reports which can be shared with clients with just a click. The files can be saved on the cloud and an instant link can be generated for the purpose of sharing. This tool will build reports on autopilot and deliver them as and when needed based on the schedule set by you.

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The many benefits of using SEO SpyGlass


Are you wondering what can SEO SpyGlass do for you?

How can you utilize this tool to your advantage?

You can utilize this feature to find all the links to any domain with SEO Powersuite Link Explorer and backlink indexes. The tool helps you find links directly from Google Search Console and Google Analytics in order to ensure that the backlinks are entirely comprehensive. You would barely find this kind of integration in any other tool offered.

  • Anti-Penguin Link audit & cleanup

This feature ensures that you do not miss out on any link which can result in a penalty. You can find out harmful or spammy links in almost an instant with the aid of SEO SpyGlass Penalty risk metric tool. The same procedures are followed that are employed by Google in estimating the penalties. You can neutralize threats upon detection with few clicks with the aid of a built-in disavow file generator. There is no need to make use of tricky syntaxes anywhere while using the SEO PowerSuite tool. The interface is easy and everything is self-explanatory. Just follow the instructions provided and rectify all the issues that can cost you your reputation in the industry.

  • Powerful Analytics

You can make use of the Summary Module for obtaining comprehensive analytics on all the links to any website. You can gain a deeper insight into these statistics with the aid of Analytics features. Check backlinks for further details on the link. If you want to study the referring domains, then you can check out the Linking Domains. For any information on linked-to URLs and anchor text, you can access the Anchors & Pages option provided to the users.

SEO Spyglass backlinks analytics
  • Links of Competitors

Want to stay ahead of the competition? You can discover the backlinks of your competitors and get detailed statistics of their link profiles with the aid of SEO SpyGlass tool. You can carry out a comparison of the strategies employed by your competitors to figure out where you lack and work on it to rank better. Study the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors with the aid of this incredible tool. Develop high-quality links for your website by utilizing the information that is offered to you by SEO SpyGlass tool.

  • Links checks in real-time

Link databases wouldn’t know if any of your links are switched to nofollow or are taken down. The SEO SpyGlass tool keeps a tab on the status of your backlinks if you make a request. Real-time information is offered to you so that you can be sure about your live links. Being equipped with information ensures that you never take any vital decisions of your life based on outdated or incomplete information.

  • Customizable reports on backlinks

The reports generated by the SpyGlass tool are completely customizable. They can be shared easily by either instantly uploading them to the cloud or by generating a link that is shareable. The entire process of report generation can be automated so that you have information on hand whenever you desire.

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Why do you need to check out the Link Assistant feature offered by SEO Powersuite?


It is quite evident that SEO Powersuite offers incredible tools that can offer you an edge over your competitors. The Link Assistant feature is yet another useful offering that helps you explore hundreds of link opportunities with a single click. You can choose the research techniques that you wish to employ as the most effective mechanisms. You also have the choice to create your own research method. You can save time in finding hundreds of relevant prospects in just a second when you make use of the incredible Link-Assistant feature.

  • High-Quality Link Prospects

SEO Powersuite helps you gather all the statistics and evaluate the value of potential links in no time. You can look into the quality factors such as social media metrics, domain age, and domain authority to ensure that you avoid all the links that can prove to be harmful.

find backlinks with Linkassistant
  • Easy Outreach

You can gather all the email links and contact the prospects right away with the aid of an easy-to-use app. You can utilize handy email templates for every kind of outreach initiated by you. This will add a personal touch to your emails. This tool can be used to create your own templates to add a unique touch to all your responses. You can keep a tab on the sent emails and reply with this app. You can flag all emails that seem important so that you do not forget to reach out to people with whom you were supposed to follow up with. It doesn’t really require much effort when you make use of the Link-Assistant feature offered to you by SEO PowerSuite.

Link Assistant Email outreach
  • One-click Verification

You need to run link checks on a regular basis to ensure that the links that have been acquired do not get taken down. You can contact the partners almost instantly if the link doesn’t clear the verification process.

One-click Backlink Verification
  • Customizable reports

No matter what the task is being accomplished with the aid of SEO PowerSuite, you can always make use of the reports offered by the tool for each task accomplished. These files can be saved and shared easily by generating a link almost instantly. You can automate the entire process and as well as schedule a task so that the reports are built and delivered while in autopilot mode.

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SEO Powersuite offers Wealth of Information to its users

What’s the point in implementing any strategy when you are not aware of how to use it?

SEO PowerEuite ensures that a knowledge base is made readily available to its users so that they can make good use of it whenever needed. You do not have to spend hours looking through books for finding a piece of particular information.

All you need to do is access the Knowledge Base to find an answer to whatever that you need to know. This option is seldom presented by those who offer SEO tools for businesses and individuals. Useful links, a learning center with video tutorials, and a step-by-step guide are additional tools offered to ensure that the users can make use of the tool to the fullest without facing any hassles. This feature makes SEO PowerSuite stand out from its competitors as it makes the entire process simple.

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How good is the Customer support service?

The true mark of the success of any service is the way its customer support team responds. SEO PowerSuite scores not just in terms of the features that it offers but as well as for the impeccable customer service that it offers.

The users can submit a ticket whenever they feel the need to. This free customer support option will prompt the professionals to get in touch with you for further assistance or answers.

There is as well an FAQ section where the questions that are frequently asked by the people are answered. This ensures that all simple issues can be fixed by the users themselves. The knowledgebase further helps in addressing complex queries. The customer support team is responsive and courteous while dealing with the users. SEO PowerSuite scores well in all the departments.


  • Generation of customizable reports that can be saved and shared in an instant
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Easy estimation of faulty links and rectification
  • Identification of link building opportunities with various tool
  • In-depth analysis of the keywords and links being used by the competitors
  • A plethora of useful features offered to users regardless of the software edition chosen by them


  • You need to procure additional licenses if you want to run the software on multiple devices.

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Final Verdict

SEO Powersuite is an incredible tool that promises the effortless implementation of SEO campaigns despite the size. This software offers numerous features that do not demand the use of complicated syntaxes.

Anybody without the knowledge of coding can make use of this efficient and powerful tool for implementing SEO tactics to stand out amongst the competitors. The tool can be used free of cost. You need to procure licenses for accessing certain features. However, it is worth every penny that you pay for accessing this incredible SEO tool and with the SEO Powersuite discount coupon, you can save a lot.


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