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WPEngine Review and Special Offers for November 2021.

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Why you should choose WP Engine Over other Hosting Companies?

Well, read the full review And you will get your answer.

WPEngine Review 2021


This Company provides many extraordinary features. Below is just a list of the best features Provided by WPengine.

  • CDN service
  • WPengine SSL
  • Dedicated IP
  • WPengine GeoIP
  • Hacker Proof (High Security)
  • Fast Loading Servers
  • Daily Backup
  • Ever cache
  • Chat support
  • Malware scanning
  • Phone support
  • 60 days money-back guarantee.

WPEngine Security – Hacker Proof

When you are working online, especially on WordPress, Security is the first-ever thing that will come to your mind, because these days hacking has gone to another level. Hackers are finding Loop Holes in your WordPress Hosting too easy. But with WP Engine, you will get full security.

In simple words, it is hacker-proof. But if in any case, your website gets hacked, then their support staff will take care of it and will recover your website and make it as it was before. What else you need? Isn’t it enough? Yeah! It is.

Now, the question is, How they provide high security?

There are many methods they use to ensure your website is safe. Some of those are listed below.

  • Disallowed Plugins:- There are many plugins that make your website vulnerable, many of you don’t aware of those plugins. So, if you accidentally installed it on your blog, then their System scanner will automatically uninstall that plugin.
  • Disk Write Protection:- For high security, they limit the processes that can write to disk. So, no matter you are using a vulnerable Theme or Plugin, hackers will find it very difficult to exploit them.
  • Disk Write privileges:- It saves you from Unsecured Scripts that can harm your site. It Scans and completely rejects all the malicious scripts.
  • Disk Write Limitation:- It can scan and find malicious and Non-malicious code and avoid your website getting vulnerable.

WPEngine Speed – Super Fast

As you know, Google prefers fast-loading sites as it improves user experience, and the worlds Number 1 search Engine really cares about Users.

So, if you are looking to host your Blog on WordPress, then you should choose WPEngine as it provides Lightning-fast speed. Their servers take very less response time, making your WordPress Blog super fast.

Along with the speed, You will get reliable hosting servers, which means in case of sudden traffic increase, your website will stay Up and Live and the reason behind this is, they reroute the traffic to different servers in case of sudden traffic flow or a problem with your server.

In simple words, Your website is in safe hands, when it comes to speed and reliability. You don’t have to keep an eye on your site, as you did before when you were hosting your site on other web host. If your site has good traffic, and you are making money on autopilot, then you be assured and can sleep well, without being worried about, getting hacked, which can easily happen to big sites having high traffic, but it does not happen with sites hosted on WPEngine.

WPEngine Support – Get Assistance while moving your Website

When it comes to support system – The Champ Is Here (WP Engine). They really offer a high-quality support, no matter what the problem is, they will always solve it for you. But wait, did you hear the same thing from all hosting companies?

Well, Yes, all the hosting companies claim to have the best support staff, but really only a few of them have knowledge about WordPress. But WPEngine really WordPress Dedicated Support staff, who will solve all your WP problems. The only thing, you need to do is, to contact them via phone, which is available 24 Hours and 7 days a week, or via Live Chat which is available Monday to Friday.

Additionally, if you just Bought Hosting on WPEngine and want to move your site from another hosting company, then you will not require to do anything, except requesting for assisted movement. Once you put in your request, their staff will move your website from your old hosting to your WPEngine Account. They will transfer MySQL Database, FTP files, etc. and will make your website look the same in a matter of a few hours, if not minutes.

Below are three Videos related to WP Engine which you must watch:-

1. Install WordPress in 2 minutes using WPengine

Credits: Websitesforarchitect

2. How to redirect your Godaddy domain to WPengine hosting

Credits: Websitesforarchitect

Isn’t it enough to choose WPEngine? Yeah! It is, but why not read some more about it.

WPEngine Staging Area

This Hosting Company has one extraordinary feature called the WP Engine Staging Area, which makes a duplicate copy of your website and keeps it in a different, safe place. You can tweak anything in that duplicate copy of your blog, like tweaking CSS, adding Scripts, Upload new content, etc., just for testing and save it in the draft. While doing all this, your main site will not be affected and will stay live.

Build-in Site Caching, File minimization, proxy Servers, CDN

What if I told you, that all these important features are included in all WPEngine Hosting plans. With Site Caching, You will not need to use all those WP caching Plugins to make your site faster. Also, the File Minimization, Proxy Servers, CDN (content delivery network), Dedicated Memcached Servers makes this company one of the best in this Business. So, if you want to own a fast loading website, then you must go for WP Engine Hosting.

Below are some Videos which you Must watch before setting your WP blog on WPEngine:-

WPEngine: Beginner’s Guide #1 Dashboard

WPEngine: Beginner’s Guide – #2 Site Setup

WPEngine: Beginner’s Guide – #3 Backups

WPEngine: Beginner’s Guide – #4 FTP

WPEngine: Beginner’s Guide – #5 Caching

WPEngine: Beginner’s Guide – #6 Support

WPEngine: Beginner’s Guide – #7 Staging

WPEngine: Beginner’s Guide – #8 Redirects

Note:- These Video Tutorials are owned by their respective owners. These are added to help you solve minor problems, which can occur while using WPEngine for the first time. If you found any outdated Video, then feel free to tell us via comments. It will be replaced with the new & detailed one.

Final Verdict

Now, If you seriously want to make a WordPress Blog and want to take it to the next level, then you must go for WPEngine Hosting as it is one of the best when it comes to security and reliability.

So, What you are waiting for?

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  1. I was just amazed to read such a wonderful review of WPEngine.

    I was wondering, It would be great If you could share some coupons code by which I can claim some discounts.

    Also want to know that, Whether WPEngine provide occasional promo codes which can provide huge savings?

    Either way, keep up the awesome work. 😀

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  2. Really Good!!!! Those Video tutorials are really informational. You wrote a complete Review about WPEngine Hosting. I tried bluehost once not happy with their support. Thank You.

  3. Can we install Drupal on this hosting?

    One of my client is looking for a highly secured hosting for his business websites. I was doing research and found that WPEngine is one of the best in terms of security.

    Is there any way to install Drupal?

    or should I try to find other alternatives?


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